Please keep in mind that the work shown here is only a selection of freelance work, personal projects, or work done for the University in my previous jobs. Due to NDA's and privacy/GDPR regulations, I am not able to share many of the projects I've worked on during my time at MOO.

That said, working at a well-respected, design-conscious, international print company has afforded me the opportunity to utilize my design skills and attention to detail while working with some of the world's largest brands. Some of my favorite projects have included working with Adidas, Hearst (one of the world's largest magazine publishing companies), Compass, RE/MAX, BOA, TikTok, SwagUp, USA Track & Field, MCA Denver, and many many others. Whether it was creating custom templates aligned to their very strict brand guidelines or troubleshooting color concerns of their printed materials, it is always exciting to use my eye for detail in making sure these customers are happy.