Trevor Seymour lives and works in Arvada, CO. In 2018, he received a BA in Studio Art - Drawing from the University of Northern Colorado where he was recognized as the Southard Award recipient. 

Seymour utilizes technology, language, and traditional mediums to explore viewer engagement with art. By heavily utilizing computer randomization and artificial intelligence to create each composition, he separates himself from the meaning-making processes of each piece. In this, he invites the viewer to create the meaning instead of encouraging them to find any specific meaning imbued in it by himself.

He was recently invited to exhibit in two shows curated by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art: “Trevor Seymour: Interpretations" (solo exhibition), and "ARTMIX" (group exhibition). Seymour exhibited in a solo exhibition with Odessa Denver at Collective SML | k in 2018 and was selected to have an exhibition at Recreative Denver in 2020 (cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic). His work was also featured in a group exhibition, “Lights Out/On” at Temple Denver and Redline Contemporary Art Center in Denver, Colorado.

Outside of his art practice, Trevor works full-time on the design team as a Production Artist at MOO, Inc. He enjoys woodworking, playing video games, and spending time with his wife, Erin, and dog, Harold.

Trevor Seymour’s work addresses the subconscious associations we make with what we see and interact with. Traditionally, this is done by creating a random juxtaposition of text and image inviting the viewer to come to a connection that is influenced by their own history and associations.

By bringing awareness to these otherwise subconscious thoughts and attractions, Seymour encourages viewers to consider where these influences come from and additionally, how much their daily stimuli subliminally influences their thoughts and decisions.

Please feel free to ask any questions about his artwork, commissions, purchasing artwork, or just simply to say "hello" to Trevor via the contact form, or if you prefer, at the following email: